The Baptist Digest reaches Kansas-Nebraska Southern Baptist laypersons and ministers monthly with on-mission stories across the two states. Monthly, the newsjournal provides insight and information. The Baptist Digest is the official newsjournal for the Kansas-Nebraska Convention of Southern Baptists. Every Southern Baptist minister and church leader receives The Baptist Digest.

Guiding Principles

INFORM—Regularly share information about ongoing training, curriculum, events, support and personnel.

RESOURCE—Serve as a resource pool for practical ideas about what is working in KS-NE congregations and how it relates to all sizes of churches.

GENERATIONAL—Cast the widest net, providing stories and information that will appeal to all generations of Southern Baptists in NE-KS.

FAMILY-FRIENDLY—Be family-friendly with stories, regular columns and help for families and leaders who work with families.

AGE DIVERSE—Publish stories that address the diversity of age, ethnicity, and the geographical regions of KS-NE.

MISSION-ORIENTED—Publish stories about people and congregations involved in missions and regularly publicize ministry opportunities.

PART OF WIDER MISSION—Help congregations discover that they are part of the larger work of the Kingdom of God through their ministries.

Circulation Circulation averages 6,950 with a readership of about 10,000.

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